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Encourage Activity provide innovative physical activity sessions nationwide which assist in getting older people more active.

We’re currently offering Care Homes a special trial offer before committing to our weekly sessions, so you can get to know us and see if you and your residents enjoy what we have to offer.

We specialise in delivering physical activity sessions to older people in care and nursing homes across the country. We bring all of the equipment with us, so you don’t need to do a thing.

We are proud to be endorsed by some of the leading organizations at the forefront of improving services within the care sector. Care UK, NAPA (National Association for Providers of Activities for Older People) and Esther Rantzen’s The Silver Line are all on board and are working with us. Together, we’re reaching out to make a difference to the day-to-day lives of residents in care homes and organisations nationwide.

The idea for this came when Encourage Activity’s founder, Chris, visited his Wife’s Grandmother in a retirement home, having seen how much more animated and responsive she became when she was active.

We believe that everyone, no matter what their age, physical or mental ability, should experience the release and joy that can come from activities which encourage physical movement. Fantastic results have already been generated from the residents we have worked with. Managers and staff report that they are seeing regular improvements in their residents.

The focus is on having fun in the sessions, where movement becomes an integral part of the task, rather than an end goal.

Each of our activity providers is professionally qualified to deliver physical activity sessions, is fully insured and has passed DBS checks – rest assured, you’re in good hands.

Taster Sessions

Call us for a trial session to see the results for yourself. We offer a taster session especially for Care and Residential homes to see if you and your residents enjoy what we have to offer.

After an initial assessment of the residents’ fitness levels, we tailor the session to your residents’ requirements and abilities.

Each session consists of a series of competitive and tactical games such as Boccia and Kurling to challenge the mind and encourage interaction amongst the group.

We recommend that 2 visits from your activity provider per week is the ideal amount, in order for you and your residents to take full advantage of the benefits.

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The Benefits:

  • Rise in confidence
  • Improvement in good moods, general wellbeing and happiness
  • Anxiety and stress levels lowered
  • Increased interaction amongst residents – during and after sessions
  • Reduction in loneliness
  • Positive outlook on matters
  • Energy levels are elevated
  • Eased muscular and joint pain after gentle movement
  • Better balance and reduced number of falls


All of our activities are designed to be flexible so that we can adjust to each persons’ abilities.

We bring our own equipment with us, so you don’t need to do a thing!

Community group playing Boccia


A disability sport where players aim to propel balls close to a target ball. The closer you get to the target ball, the more points you get!

Giant balloon being tossed in the air by a parachute

Balloon Volleyball

Just like volleyball, but with a large balloon! This slows down the speed the balloon travels giving older people more time to hit the target and it’s pain free, too.

Care home resident taking his kurling shot


A form of the original curling game, kurling can be played on any smooth, flat surface rather than on ice. The goal? Get as many of your stones closer to the centre of the target than your opponents.

Activi-tea community group in church hall


Exactly the same as the traditional 10-pin sport but with larger, weighted foam pins for a bigger target, and teamed with a soft bowling ball making it easier to pick up.

Older ladies running under a parachute in an outdoor game


Great for taking outside, this activity gets everyone involved at once and truly relies on team effort and concentration.

Cone target practice Throckmorton Care Home

Target Practice

Using mini bean bags, hula hoops and soft balls, we devise a range of tasks to encourage focus and improve balance for accuracy.



Tchoukball is a fast-paced spectacular sport for people of all ages, genders and abilities.