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Read some of the stories our clients have written about us.

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Absolutely amazing for those who aren’t as mobile as others. Bit of fun exercise to lift up the elders spirits also a bit of company.

Thanks Chris for the impressive session I watched when visiting Heathbrook House this afternoon. Loved watching the joy in involvement as well as the laughter!

Chris provides a fantastic range of adaptable activities, with a brilliant range of resources; suitable for our residents. Chris is a friendly and supportive person who cares for the physical and emotional needs of our residents.

Each session possesses a new challenge to further interest, create fun and increase mobility. The residents clearly look forward to his next visit!

I have been working alongside Chris for the last few months with one goal that we both share to make the lives of the ones we care for as full and as happy as we can.

The input Chris gives is undoubtedly beneficial for the well-being of the residents and staff alike. Activities with laughter as they enjoy the session is the key, and I do value his input on a weekly basis.

We asked the care home staff at Norton Hall where we delivered our activity sessions to provide honest feedback about the level of service their residents received. Here’s what they said:

What activities were put on?

Warm up-Large balloon to kick and throw. Throwing balls (of different weights) to targets such as inside hoops or nearest to central point. Curling type game. Also use of parachute to move ball around. Individual challenges as well as team games.

How engaged were the participants out (on a scale of 1-100)?


What was good about the session?

Clients were more social, not only with Chris but with each other. Their mobility is challenged; to raise their arms or lean forward can be difficult but they are supported physically and emotionally throughout the session. Their self-esteem is raised as they succeed in their tasks. Praise is welcomed; clients feel comfortable to do as much as they can.

Sessions are overall fun! Objectives clearly demonstrated. The music motivates them. Clients are given time to respond and their individual needs are supported.

The resources are accessible and stimulating.

Chris is consistent in his approach to activities. He has been praised by a lot of our residents. They look forward to his visits.

Chris will leave some equipment for us to use in between sessions.

Was there anything you didn’t like about the session?


We asked a group of participants at Norton Hall Care Home who attend Encourage Activity sessions to provide honest feedback about their experiences. Here’s what they said:

What was the activity?

Varied activities; throwing and kicking. Using balls, balloons, bean bags, parachute, hoops and other equipment to complete activities such as skittles, tennis, hitting targets, ten pin bowling or boules. Even Curling was included in the last session. Activities are aimed to enable us to stretch our arms and legs. Team games and individual tasks are included.

What did you like about the session?

  • It strengthens my arms and legs.
  • It allows us to stretch.
  • The equipment is good; the whole session is good fun.
  • Keeps me active.
  • Everyone joins in and Chris is interested in us.
  • It is a regular feature (which is good).
  • I am happy to exercise (when Chris is here).
  • He is funny; we all have a pleasant time.
  • I use my arms and legs; something I want to do regularly.
  • It is challenging and gets you thinking.

What didn’t you like about the session?

There was nothing the residents didn’t like.

Other comments

Keep doing different activities each time. Thank you!

Chris Golding does a sports session including Boccia and competitive games once a month at The Lawns Nursing Home. He is extremely popular and the residents look forward to his visits. They’re ideal for people with all types disabilities. Here’re a few words from some of our residents…

Ruth – “Such fun, didn’t think I would enjoy – very nice man and very patient.”

Vera – “Very much enjoyed it. Kept me awake!”

Joan – “Very patient man and helps those that need a bit of extra help.”

If anyone wants to contact me I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this activity for a fun and competitive session.

I have been working alongside Chris for a little over a year now in support of the weekly “Activitea” Session at St Paul’s Church in Warwick.

Chris got involved to design and deliver exercise techniques for the members of Activitea whose ages range from some in their late 60s to our oldest member who is 98.

They are a group of woman who have all had children and worked hard throughout their adult life, some also now support the care of their grandchildren or have partners who they are a carer for, so they are used to looking after others, but not necessarily putting themselves first.

Chris’s input to the sessions has been crucial in encouraging a sometimes reluctant group of people to get involved in gentle exercise that not only helps their body move, but also engages the brain in activities with a competitive element.

I have been impressed by Chris’s professionalism and his ability to create opportunities for his older clients to engage safely in movement and exercise which is undoubtedly beneficial for their wellbeing and which also promotes fun and laughter.

Chris is a safe pair of hands with a wide knowledge of the physical needs of those with impairments, and has created a wonderful opportunity for our Activitea group to keep moving, to improve balance and to have fun whilst keeping active.

Thank you Chris for coming to our Thursday club each week. The games which we club members take part in certainly have helped me physically (recovering from a shoulder operation) and they are also designed to be fun. Chris you make us feel like one big happy family and I for one can’t imagine Thursday Club without your class.

Encourage activity has been coming to do Games for Fitness at our care home on a weekly basis for over 6 months now.   The sessions have been hugely successful and enjoyed by residents who have a wide range of mobility.  Chris is able to adapt games to suit the residents’ needs.   The sessions include a wide range of games including parachute games, ball games, balloon badminton, Boccia and more.   The sessions have a great appeal because they are challenging, yet give residents an opportunity to improve skills and enjoy success.   The residents have lots of fun with Chris;  he has an excellent rapport with all of our residents.   Overall there has been a definite improvement in our residents’ flexibility, concentration and well-being as a result of taking part in these games.