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Training Courses for Care Providers:


Physical Activity

Provision Training

Our Company…

Encourage Activity is a Social Enterprise dedicated to improving the lives of people living in a care environment.

We work to enhance the quality of life for residents of care, retirement and social housing environments by facilitating regular activities to stimulate physical, social and psychological wellbeing.

Our bespoke, accredited training courses teach care staff how to provide fun and engaging activities to the people they look after, in a safe and friendly environment.

During our 1-day course, we will look at the importance of exercise and activity when caring for adults and the impact it can have on their mindset and health.

Developed in conjunction with Age UK and the Open College Network, our staff training services enable care homes to be able to better support their residents and encourage movement with confidence.

In addition to providing activity sessions to the care sector, Encourage Activity also work with individuals who want to set up their own weekly group in local town and village halls for their community.

Encourage Activity’s sports games have been very successful within our home; we have a mixture of nursing and dementia residents. Chris will adapt the activity to their individual needs, without them even realising he is encouraging them to use all their skills…

Gail, Heathbrook Nursing Home,
Bromsgrove (Bupa)

The Need for Movement in Care Environments

Encouraging physical activity and interaction with a personal and fun approach will not only provide the conditions to increase levels of movement and meet the NICE guidelines (30-mins physical activity per day, 5 days a week), but also develop a stronger bond and level of trust between your staff and your residents.



People in care homes are not doing enough physical activity

  • A sedentary lifestyle leads to physical degeneration including; muscle loss, joint pain, reduced blood flow and loss of balance
  • Activities are often run by care home staff, who don’t necessarily have a sports or health background and who are already low on time


Loss of social cohesion amongst elderly people

  • Low levels of communication
  • Loss of confidence
  • Loss of independence


Cognitive function becomes difficult

  • Loss of ability to retain information and problem solve
  • High anxiety and stress levels
  • Lack of stimulation contributes to depression

Did you know?

There are several reports (available on request) which cover the beneficial effects of exercise on Dementia and Alzheimer. They suggest that it can slow down the onset or progress of the illness.

How Our Training Courses Can Help You and Your Staff

Encourage Activity Training 1

We teach you how to motivate people in care to do more PHYSICAL movement:

  • Movement is made interesting through a selection games
  • Our games encourage full bodily movement help to increase the resident’s flexibility
Encourage Activity Training 3

Our physical activities are designed to increase SOCIAL interaction:

  • Activities provide topics for conversation
  • Competitive games give variation for ways to communicate and encourages greater interaction
  • Playing together encourages team building
  • Community groups and organised events give scope for meeting new people
Encourage Activity Training 2

Positive PSYCHOLOGICAL impact from physical and mental stimulation:

  • Group activities provide a means for residents to take control
  • Mind is taken off negative thoughts and a perspective gained on a happier lifestyle
  • Provides a sense of solidarity
  • Eradicates isolation
  • Provides purpose and a sense of value
  • Anxiety and stress levels are lowered

Our In-House Training Course:
Physical Activity Provision Training

Learn how to bring happiness, laughter and joy into the lives of people living in care, through the use of fun and stimulating activities. We deliver our training at the place of care, giving carers a tailor-made experience in a familiar environment that they can use to provide the best possible care experience for the people they look after.



We deliver our training at the place of care, giving carers a tailor-made learning experience in a familiar environment.

  • To ensure an optimum experience, we suggest groups of up to 10 participants in a session
  • Care staff also have the option of being assessed and evaluated through the Open College Network as part of a level-3 award (worth 2 units)
    Additional fees incurred.


We provide you with everything you need to get started straight away.

  • A selection of activity equipment to get you started
  • Ongoing phone and email support
  • Option to sign up to monthly subscription service (helpful tips, session plans and equipment ideas)
    Additional fees incurred.

For an appointment, to get a quote or to book a course, contact us on:
07826 909 165 or 07867 313 415
or send us an email:

Course Overview


Encouraging Activity

GLH: 14        TQT: 20


Learners will gain knowledge and skills to provide activities with individuals in a care setting, using a person-centred approach


  • Conducting Health & Safety and
    risk assessments
  • Importance and benefits of daily
    activity and exercise
  • Activity provision training – theory
    and practice
  • How to engage and motivate
    those in care to participate
  • How to address inclusivity
  • Games – role playing scenarios
  • Learner assessment and evaluation
  • Equipment details and supply
  • Further support/online support details


  • Understand the importance of
    physical activity provision in a care
  • Know the importance of providing
    activities using a person centred
  • Be able to provide activities for individuals using a person centred approach.
  • Be able to develop an assessment centred approach to activity provision

07826 909 165 or 07867 313 415